The Best Memes of the Week: Bidenflation

Rising inflation grabs the attention of the best memes of the week

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Rising inflation and the left’s attempts to disguise it almost monopolize the content of this week’s best memes.

Jen Psaki has blamed this economic phenomenon on the greed of businessmen, instead of recognizing that it is caused by the economic policies of her government. This discourse, typical of Latin American socialist rulers, has not gone unnoticed by Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, Vice President of Argentina, who has praised the White House Press Secretary.

The fact that Fernández de Kirchner, the VP of one of the countries with one of the highest hyperinflations in history, praises the arguments of Biden’s government, gives much food for thought about the future of the U.S.

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Source: Daily Patriot Report
“100 million dead // a guy who doesn’t understand finance.”

Other top memes of the week

The fake racist and homophobic attack invented by Jussie Smollett still continues to garner mocking memes, highlighting the hypocrisy and consequences of the fake woke culture victimhood.

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