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Bezos Slams Biden For Not Understanding ‘Basic’ Economics

Amazon apoya subida al impuesto corporativo

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The White House said Tuesday that it “completely disagrees” with Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, who has criticized President Joe Biden’s comments on the economy and inflation.

Biden’s administration has taken a strategy of asking companies to lower their prices, without taking into account production costs, according to them, to “fight” inflation, something that has generated countless criticisms from the population, being the founder of Amazon one of those who showed their dissatisfaction.

The White House reacted by reproaching Bezos’ tweet of July 2, where he criticized Biden’s message, assuring that they will remain firm in asking companies to lower their prices.

In his tweet, Bezos indicated that inflation was “far too important” of a problem to make such a statement and stated that the Biden Administration had either a “deep” lack of understanding of basic market dynamics or misdirection.

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