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Biden Arrives in South Korea — Immediately Does Something That is Confusing to Americans

President Joe Biden arrived in South Korea on Friday for his first presidential visit to Asia. Watch as he departed Air Force One:

Biden treads very carefully down the stairs from Air Force One. Watch as he strides towards the South Korean delegation and proceeds to take the mask he was wearing outdoors off of his face.

This is not how masks are supposed to work. (Spoiler alert: They don’t work.)

On his presidential trip, Biden is set to tour manufacturing plants in South Korea and will also be going to Japan.

“President Joe Biden is opening his trip to South Korea with a focus on the U.S. tech sector, touring a Samsung computer chip plant on Friday,” the AP reported. “He’s also set to go to Japan during the six-day tour.”

Biden also made a number of gaffes. He told a plant representative from California to vote, but implied that he lived in South Korea.

“Don’t forget to vote Peter. You may live here, but don’t forget to vote,” Biden said to the worker during the tour.

“Biden thanked President Yoon, although he stumbled over his name after getting it right the first time after a long flight,” the Daily Mail reported.

“And President Moon – Yoon – you thank you everything you’ve done,” Biden said. Yoon’s predecessor was President Moon Jae-in.

“Biden also misstated the name of the facility in Taylor, Texas, where Samsung plans to spend billions,” the Mail added. “He called it Tyler, Texas.”

The ridiculous optics Biden struck even just getting off of the plane were not lost on observers.


Perhaps the humiliation is the point. It certainly isn’t what one might call “smart” behavior.

Meanwhile, a new CNN poll highlights just how grim things are getting in the eyes of the overwhelming majority of Americans. The poll showed that 86% of Americans are either “concerned” or “scared” for the future of the country.

Biden’s poor presidential optics on his trips abroad certainly won’t help.

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