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Biden Considers Softening Cuba Stance by Authorizing Remittances

Biden analiza suavizar su postura hacia Cuba autorizando envío de remesas

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In the midst of the historic protests taking place in Havana and several parts of the island, the government of Joe Biden announced on Monday that he was studying softening its stance toward Cuba to reauthorize the sending of remittances and also the transfer of more diplomatic personnel to the island, two measures with which the Democratic president would reverse decisions of his predecessor, Donald Trump (2017-2021).

In the package of measures, it highlights the formation of a “working group on remittances” that will aim to “identify the most effective way” for the money to “get directly into the hands of the Cuban people.”

Trump banned in November last year the sending of remittances to Cuba, since part of them were captured by the Castro dictatorship, which allowed the financing of the regime in an indirect way.

Another of the measures that the Biden Administration announced Monday that are under study is the transfer of more personnel to the American Embassy in Havana with the aim of “facilitating diplomatic, consular and civil society participation” and also for “security” reasons.

This would be another setback to Trump’s decisions, who emptied the embassy of personnel after accusing the Cuban dictatorship of being responsible for attacks against some officials that occurred between 2016 and 2017.

In addition to remittances and diplomatic personnel, Biden also ordered his government to work with the private sector and Congress to make the internet “more accessible” in Cuba, something the president already anticipated last week.

Finally, the White House announced that it will “intensify” diplomatic efforts with its regional and international allies to support the “aspirations of the Cuban people” and that it will boost the delivery of “humanitarian aid” to the island.

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