Biden planea obligar a todos los americanos inocularse la vacuna contra el covid-19

Biden Considers ‘Mandate’ that Could Force Americans to Get COVID Vaccine

President Biden said that his White House is currently considering issue a federal mandate that could force all Americans to get the COVID vaccine.

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President Joe Biden on Thursday did not rule out the possibility that the federal government could issue a mandatory order for the vaccination against COVID-19 for all Americans and admitted that the White House is consulting on the matter.

Speaking to reporters after giving a speech in which he explained the new measures on vaccination, Biden acknowledged that he would like to see states, private companies or schools follow in line to make vaccination mandatory.

“I would like to see them move in that direction,” said the president, who assured that he has asked the Justice Department to determine if it can be done legally.

He stated in this regard that local communities can do it, as can businesses, and added: “The question is whether the federal government can mandate it for the entire country. I don’t know yet.”

This is the first time that Biden has suggested the possibility of vaccination becoming mandatory. Last Tuesday, in her daily press conference, White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki insisted, on the contrary, that “it is not the role” of the federal government to force vaccination, and questioned whether it even has “the power” to do so, legally.

The White House announced on Thursday that it will force the more than 4 million U.S. government workers to show proof of vaccination against COVID-19 if they do not want to be tested on a regular basis.

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  1. The funny thing is that a lot of black people aren’t getting it but the media refuses to say that and it’s a fairly high percentage. I’ve also read many Hispanics aren’t. To come out and admit that would seem racist to the woke press. To mandate minorities get an experimental vaccine that the makers can’t be held accountable for if you die or get blood clots, paralyzed, your period screwed up and other side effects is outright illegal. I would never allow that. Heck, I got out of the navy when they started making us take flu shots. I steped out of line and avoided that sot. Funny thing is that my husband also slipped out of line when it was his turn only they rounded him up later and made him take it.

    I’m not anti vax at all but I control what goes in my body not the government. That said, I know quite a few white people who also feel the same way. I’m old enough and have traveled abroad, lived abroad, eat no gluten, no gmo products, no sugar and eat mostly organic so I don’t eat out often and with Disney/Marvel going woke with the last Avenger movie and Han coming back from the dead – yay! – in Fast Fury I’m pretty much done with movies. So I’m fine with living a simple life away from the insanity of this current administration.

    Boy, I didn’t mean to go on a rant but it obviously burns me up. Besides, who’s reading comments as few seldom comment here on your excellent site? Such a pity too.

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