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Biden Is Our President Like Maduro Is Venezuela’s

The curiosity about the January 6th vote by Congress to count the electors is growing. America is watching and waiting and so is the world. By America, I mean Republicans and, by the world, I mean freedom-loving individuals who are horrified at the thought that in America a president was fraudulently elected.

A National Review article by John Fund and John S. Baker Jr., breaks down what needs to happen on Jan 6th in order to delegitimize the presidential election. After reading it, it becomes very clear that the burden is tremendous and may prove to be an impossibility. They go on to say that the role of the joint session of Congress under the Twelfth Amendment, is for the House and Senate to be witnesses to the counting of the electoral votes.  If the House and Senate don’t agree on each state’s electors, then Vice President Pence must make some decision on the procedure. The Electoral Count Act that governs this states that there must be a written objection by at least one House member and one Senator to object to the state electors then to challenge the accuracy of the vote count in the state in question. Pence can then demand evidence and under the Electoral Count Act, each house has only two hours to debate the objections and each must decide what to do within five days. 

It will be up to the pro-Trump Republicans like Congressman Mo Brooks and Senators Josh Hawley and Ted Cruz to persuasively present all the evidence.  Let’s say they do this, the problem remains that there is a Democratic majority in the House and in the Senate even the Republican leader, Mitch McConnell, who seems to just want it to “go away.” McConnell seems ready to welcome with open arms a fraudulently elected leader just for the sake of “peace” and to get along. 

In Venezuela, the weak opposition decided to boycott the December 6, 2020 election and because they did so, most of the candidates were Maduro supporters. Many Venezuelans have decided that it is not worth it anymore to vote because the elections are rigged anyway. My extensive interview with Maria Corina Machado of Venezuela takes you to the beginning of the voter fraud in Venezuela. Once you go down that path, you really never recover. The fact that there’s no real opposition for Maduro and that they fight among themselves could give us a glimpse of how a fractured party gives the left all the energy and control they need. Perhaps Republican Senators like Mitch McConnell or my Texas Senator John Cornyn could learn a thing or two by reading my Machado interview? 

In a Washington Post article by Ana Vanessa Herrero, she wrote about political infighting in the recent election in Venezuela and she gave the example in a recent tweet by Juan Guiado about “Maduro and his regime losing popular support.” Guaido’s position was quickly rejected by another opposition leader, the two-time presidential candidate Henrique Capriles saying that the opposition doesn’t have a plan. Sadly, for many Venezuelan Americans like myself, this sounds very familiar to what is happening here in America with infighting between the “establishment” Republicans and the new Trumpian wing.

The Epoch Times reported the testimony by data scientists at a recent Georgia State Senate hearing. These data scientists showed that in Georgia more than 30,000 votes were removed from President Donald Trump and another 12,173 votes were switched to Joe Biden. This seems to fit the same type of anomalies that I reported earlier in my article The Political Magic Card of the Left. 

So, just in case there was ever any doubt, many Republicans will never accept an election marred with fraud.  Can the fraud be conclusively proven? I’m not sure. It certainly was too difficult to prove in Venezuela, even though most honest Venezuelans know it has been occurring there for a long time. The Democrats here in America want us to acknowledge that “Joe Biden is your president.” So is he? Well, if he is inaugurated on January 20th, we might say that he is just as much America’s president as Nicolas Maduro is Venezuela’s.  

Debbie, Venezuelan, is a writer, singer, director, executive producer, and an advocate for freedom. She writes a weekly op-ed for El American. During the Obama years, Debbie was active in her community and served as president of a local TFRW Club //
Debbie, venezolana, es escritora, cantante, directora, productora ejecutiva y defensora de la libertad. Escribe un artículo de opinión semanal para El American. Durante los años de Obama, Debbie estuvo activa en su comunidad y se desempeñó como presidenta del Club TFRW

4 thoughts on “Biden Is Our President Like Maduro Is Venezuela’s”

  1. Excellent article. Very well written!

    As a US Army veteran and a patriot this situation is sickening to me. Many good men and women have given their lives on the battlefield for our freedom and these weak-kneed Republican’s (RINOs?) are about to give it away without a shot being fired. It is such a disgrace!

    Here in the Midwest, there is talk of a civil war. It may come to that. I hope not. Wars are messy. Civil wars are worse.

    May God help our great nation to overcome this!
    Bill Holman, Veteran

  2. Enjoyed the article… Very informative and eye-opening… We all know that it’s happening in America and are fighting it tooth and nail darling!

  3. So sad that the great USA could not overcome the inherent greed of the left. I thought much more of my country until now. Actually, as soon as Nancy Pelosi said “We have to vote for the bill so we can read what is in it”, and no one objected., I knew we were headed in the worst direction I ever thought possible. Then we watched a president bow to other countries, apologize for our existence, then go golfing every weekend while his wife bought designer dresses.
    I know that things continually change and ideas vascillate, but this election has crossed the line in a country that was respected and its citizens free to live a life in the pursuit of liberty and happiness. We are now the downtrodden, cheated, slaves to the state that will tax us out of any gain we have worked a lifetime to achieve. There is no respect for life, only power.

  4. Hey, Debbie, the, so called, writer. The senator’s name is Josh Hawley, not Holey. You should show people the respect they deserve by researching the proper spelling of their name before you “write.” Absolutely brutal. For that reason I would never read anything that you write. Correct spelling and names are paramount. Learn spelling and proofreading before you write.

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