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Biden’s Many Lies at the Baltimore Town Hall

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President Joe Biden participated in a CNN-organized town hall in Baltimore. At the event, the president answered questions from host Anderson Cooper and citizens about his legislative agenda and governance.

During his remarks on Thursday, Biden made a number of claims that are not true.

Visiting the border

In recent days, Biden has been criticized for not visiting the border after a crisis was generated by his immigration policies. However, the Democrat claimed that he had been to the border before, something that has not happened.

The White House wanted to cover up the lie by saying that Biden was at the border in 2008. “He did drive through the border when he was on the campaign trail in 2008. And he is certainly familiar with the fact —and it stuck with him— with the fact that in El Paso, the border goes right through the center of town,” Jen Psaki said.

In addition, the president lied in saying he has not visited the border crossing because of time constraints. According to several media accounts, the president had spent 14 weekends in Wilmington, Delaware, and eight weekends at Camp David, the presidential retreat, as of August.

Tax hikes

The president was also asked about taxes on the wealthy, to which he said that under “this current tax code, the top tax rate is 35 percent.” However, the top marginal rate is actually 37 percent.

U.S. policy toward Taiwan

He also had no hesitation in answering that the U.S. would come to Taiwan’s defense if it were attacked by China. What he did not mention is that this is not what currently dictates U.S. policy toward Taiwan. Guided by the Taiwan Relations Act, the United States has no defense commitment to Taiwan.

Vaccine roll out

The Democrat was not modest in giving himself credit for his stewardship during vaccination day. He claimed that more than 190 million Americans have been vaccinated because his government was in charge of buying the vaccines. This is false.

At the end of Donald Trump’s presidency, the administration had more than 600 million doses of the vaccine under contract, with delivery scheduled for late 2020 and early this year.

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