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Biden Promises to Close all Private Prisons

Biden prometió cerrar todas las cárceles privadas luego que manifestantes le pidieran disolver ICE

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President Joe Biden completed his first 100 days in office on Thursday and traveled to Georgia. Accompanied by his wife, he flew to Atlanta to hold a rally in Duluth, in the suburbs of the city, where he faced protests from radical demonstrators who asked him to dissolve ICE, to which he replied by promising to close all private prisons.

“End the detentions now!” or “Shut down ICE!” were some of the cries heard against the president.

“I’m working on it, man,” Biden responded. “Give me five more days.”

Addressing the rest of the crowd, he said, “Folks, you all know what (the protesters) are talking about. There should be no private prisons. Period. None. Period. And we are working to close them all.”

The president promised in his campaign to suspend all government contracts with private prisons, but so far he has only ordered to cancel those that house common prisoners, leaving in place those related to immigrants.

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