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White House Launches Task Force to Aid Puerto Rico

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Joe Biden, President of the United States, presented what will be the Task Force for Puerto Rico at the White House with which he hopes to work for the Island in health matters and on economic and structural recovery, especially after suffering the consequences of hurricanes “Maria” and “Irma” and the earthquakes of 2020.

Following the creation, Biden pledged to stand up to provide Puerto Rico with the resources and technical assistance needed to rebuild and prosper.

The first session of this Task Force was held on Tuesday with the “commitment to provide support for the total reconstruction of the Island after Hurricanes Maria and Irma, the 2020 earthquakes, and the COVID-19 pandemic,” according to the text released by the White House.

The statement also states that they seek “not only to rebuild, but to invest in the long-term resilience of the island so that its communities and infrastructure can withstand future disasters.

A total of 22 participants attended the meeting, including workers from the departments of Commerce, Defense, Housing, Labor, Security, Energy, Health, Education, among others.

The participants received information from the Treasury Department, the Department of Housing and Urban Development, the Department of Education, and also from the Federal Emergency Management Agency, on their efforts to carry out a comprehensive and holistic agenda that puts the island on the road to a prosperous future.

Pierluisi welcomed the Task Force Meeting

Pedro Pierluisi, Governor of Puerto Rico, also took time to address the Task Force, noting that this ensures that Puerto Rico has “the proper priority in Joe Biden’s administration.”

“I thank President Biden for his continued commitment to Puerto Rico, (…) expediting and facilitating access to federal recovery funds and assistance with regulations that hindered the island’s long-term recovery,” he said.

In the coming days, the date and time when the members of the Puerto Rico Task Force will meet again will be announced, as well as the topics to be discussed at the next meeting.

1 thought on “White House Launches Task Force to Aid Puerto Rico”

  1. As if this shit will solve anything.
    All that money and aid will most likely be misused and misappropriated for personal gains. Just like how they complained how they didn’t receive any aid only two years after the massive hurricane that there was an entire amount of supplies (if my memory collects) in a rural quarry 20 miles outside the capital – which led to the riots that the press completely ignored just like with Hong Kong, but labeling them as “protests”. But people went apeshit that day like they did with George Floyd but was entirely ignored and forgotten.
    This force won’t set a precedence or stop people (especially the lawless individuals) from leaving in loads to places like Connecticut and New York.
    A small side note: that guy on the upper far right is Miguel Cardona who is the chairman of the DOE is actually from my state in a city not far from me titled Meriden in that borders my hometown. The reason Biden picked Cardona was because of identity politics not because of his expertise. He was a teacher for 12 years in the system than was promoted headmaster of one of the schools in Meriden and was eventually made the superintendent. Later on, the governor of Connecticut made him commissioner for the province’s DOE and now this. He basically slept his way to the top. A teacher in Nevada said he would be “A kick in the balls to education with no experience but constant promotions”.
    This is one reason for me to move to a redder state.

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