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Biden Urges Illegal Migrants to Remain in Mexico

Although Biden wasn’t entirely clear, he referred to the “Remain in Mexico” policy that he himself reversed.

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Pressured by the border crisis, U.S. President Joe Biden announced that he would resume another immigration policy of former President Donald Trump. With this decision, the Democratic president has already revived three of his predecessor’s measures.

In a meeting with the press, Biden said he will do “much more” to resolve the situation at the border due to mass migration.

“We are in the process of doing that now, which includes making sure that we restore what existed before, which is that they can stay in place and plead their case from their home countries,” Biden responded.

Although the president was not entirely clear, he referred to the “Remain in Mexico” policy that he reversed.

This is a Trump policy that was criticized by Democrats for allegedly “endangering migrants,” but Trump officials claim it has been key to ending the “catch and release” of migrants. This is the second Trump immigration measure that Biden has revived.

On March 18, it was known that the Democratic administration is also pressuring Mexico to stem the flow of migrants wishing to enter the United States.

A report by The New York Times revealed that Mexican officials and informed sources assure that a Trump measure prevails in the Democratic administration: “to rely on Mexico to contain a wave of people making their way to the United States.”

According to the Times, Biden -like Trump- asked Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) if more could be done to help solve the problem.

Trump had threatened Mexico with an avalanche of tariffs if it did not help stop migration. After his departure, AMLO’s government relaxed the measures.

Since Biden decided to reverse Trump’s major immigration policies, his government has been embroiled in a crisis that it has preferred not to admit.

During the presidential campaign, both Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris were outspoken in their opposition to the Trump administration’s immigration priorities. However, since the beginning of the Democratic administration, thousands of people have already been deported.

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