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Biden Fails to Meet Herd Immunity Pledge, Forcing Rethink in Vaccine Strategy


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Joe Biden will redefine his vaccination strategy to accelerate the vaccination journey. The president highlights five steps the White House is taking to vaccinate more Americans. So said an administration official.

The source told The Hill that among the steps being taken is giving more vaccines to primary care doctors and other health care providers in an attempt to make the vaccine more accessible to those who have not yet received it. That includes vaccinating pediatricians so that young people can get the shot more easily.

In that sense, it will also consider the reasons that have kept Americans from going to vaccination centers.

4th of July and vaccination strategy

Biden did not keep his promise to vaccinate 70% of Americans to celebrate the 4th of July. This was acknowledged by the Democrat in a message he sent to the nation to commemorate Independence Day in the United States.

In March, Biden insisted on his goal of achieving herd immunity for the 4th of July. He wanted, in this way, “independence from the virus”. He also stressed that people could celebrate at home with friends “in a special way”.

Biden redefines vaccination strategy

However, according to Our World in Data, 55.6 % of citizens have received a dose of Covid-19 vaccine, while 47.9 % are already fully vaccinated.

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