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Biden Bans Nicaraguan Dictator Ortega, Ministers From Entering U.S.

La tiranía de Ortega, fuera de control

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The Biden administration issued an order on Tuesday prohibiting the entry of Daniel Ortega, dictator of Nicaragua, and his ministers into the U.S. Among those mentioned that will not be able to enter the United States is his wife Rosario Murillo, who serves as vice president.

According to a statement issued by the White House, the measure is proof of the U.S. support and backing for Nicaraguans in their desire to live in a free and democratic country.

“The repressive and abusive acts of the Ortega government and its supporters compel the United States to act. The repression against opposition leaders, civil society leaders, and journalists in connection with the November 2021 Nicaraguan presidential and legislative elections damages institutions and processes essential to the functioning of democracy,” the statement says.

Elections in Nicaragua

The American government pointed out that the authoritarian and anti-democratic actions of the Nicaraguan regime have paralyzed the electoral process and stripped Nicaraguan citizens of their right to choose their leaders in free and fair elections.

Two weeks ago, so-called elections were held in Nicaragua. The results were rejected by the international community and the Organization of American States (OAS) because they lacked democratic guarantees.

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