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‘Bienvenido In Action’ Celebrates Mayra Flores’ Historic Victory: ‘Hispanics Are Fed Up with Reckless Liberal Policies’

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The historic triumph of Mayra Flores in the 34th district, in the Rio Grande Valley, Texas, generated thousands of positive reactions throughout the United States. One of those messages came from Bienvenido In Action —a grassroots organization dedicated to mobilizing patriotic Latino leaders— which embraced the Republican’s electoral victory to send a clear message to the country: Hispanics are fed up with progressive Democratic policies.

“The voters of South Texas sent the country a powerful message tonight. By electing Republican Mayra Flores to Congress, Hispanics are telling the rest of the country that we are fed up with reckless liberal policies and want change. Mayra won because she ran a campaign rooted in our community’s values: God, Family, and Country,” reads the statement.

Mayra Flores’ victory in the 34th district in South Texas is historic for several reasons. Among them, Flores became the first Mexican-born woman to win a seat in the U.S. Congress. Further, Flores triumphed in a historically Democratic district where, in fact, Hillary Clinton had won by 33 percentage points in 2016 and where Joe Biden himself won by 13 points over Trump in 2020.

Likewise, 85 % of the electoral roll of the 34th district in Texas is a Latino voter, which demonstrates and confirms the change in the Latino electoral demographic trend in favor of the Republican Party. In addition, in more than 100 years, a GOP candidate had never won in the Rio Grande Valley region until Mayra Flores’s emergence.

Therefore, in their statement, Bienvenido In Action took the opportunity to explain why, in their opinion, Latinos are abandoning the Democratic boat to join the GOP.

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“Joe Biden and the Democrats have made life more expensive for Hispanics, our neighborhoods less safe, and a mockery of our culture. While gas prices go through the roof and families struggle to find baby formula, Biden and the left have weakened our communities, radicalized our school curricula, and even tried imposing offensive terms like ‘Latinx; to upend our language,” the document says.

“In Washington, Mayra will fight for the American values of Texas’ 34th congressional district. Bienvenido In Action is proud to have worked with Mayra since the start of her campaign, and we look forward to her leadership in Congress,” the organization concludes.