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Bitcoin Investor Anthony Pompliano Denounces YouTube Censorship

Pompliano argued that “we should be very, very worried” about the censorship capabilities of the Big Tech cartel.

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Celebrity investor Anthony Pompliano, known for exploring on Bitcoin-related topics in-depth, announced Monday that his account was suddenly removed from YouTube after posting an interview with another celebrity cryptocurrency insider, known as PlanB.

Shortly thereafter, YouTube reported that the account had been reinstated, although Pompliano maintains that, in the first instance, there was no explanation from the company.

“YouTube just deleted our channel after [PlanB] and I were talking about a hyper bullish scenario for bitcoin in the next 5 years,” the influencer tweeted at first. “Thankfully I have a backup recording and we’ll release it tomorrow on the podcast.”

Bitcoin influencers: an illegal activity?

As Pompliano later recounted on Twitter, he received an email from YouTube warning him that his video with PlanB “encouraged illegal activities and incited users to violate the rules” of the platform.

In addition, a second mail told Pompliano that he would no longer be able to start a YouTube channel of his own thereafter.

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“YouTube has officially attempted to de-platform me from their platform,” the influencer denounced in another tweet.

After two hours of suspension, YouTube restored Pompliano’s channel without any explanation about what happened.

Pompliano: censorship is a concern

In this regard, Pompliano expressed in another tweet that “we should be very, very worried” about the censorship capacity that big tech companies like YouTube can come up with, even when it comes to “a single employee” who can delete accounts “so easily.”

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