Bitcoin Pizza: Save Cryptocurrency While Eating at Home

The initiative will only sell 10,000 pizzas over the weekend, recalling the first purchase of a pizza via the cryptocurrency in the United States for the value of 10,000 Bitcoin in 2010

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Investor and market analyst Anthony Pompliano, also affectionately known among the investment community simply as “Pomp,” has decided to launch the “Bitcoin Pizza” initiative, blending his two greatest passions (bitcoin and pizza) in a campaign that will be launched across 10 U.S. cities on May 22 to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the first bitcoin transaction.

The idea of the campaign is that through the website www.eatbitcoinpizza.com it will be possible to order pizza from 10 cities in the pizzerias selected by Pompliano and schedule the date and delivery of the order.

The initiative will only sell 10,000 pizzas during the weekend, recalling the first purchase of a pizza using the cryptocurrency in the United States for the value of 10,000 bitcoin in 2010. It is almost ironic that today the cost of a pizza is worth fractions of bitcoin, while the crypto soars to above $40,000.

Among the 10 cities where you can order a pizza from to support the bitcoin cause are Los Angeles, New York, Houston, Austin, Seattle, Boston, Chicago, Washington D.C., Miami and San Francisco.

100% of the proceeds from the Bitcoin Pizza project will be donated to the Bitcoin Developer Fund sponsored by the Human Rights Foundation. The fund supports open source software developers who are working to make the Bitcoin network more private, decentralized and resilient so that it can better serve as a financial tool for human rights activists, civil society organizations and journalists around the world.

The Bitcoin Pizza menu

Among the different flavors that will be available to order is Laser Eyes, a delicious pepperoni-based pizza. If you like controversy, you can order Satoshi’s Favorite, also known as the famous (or infamous according to the Italians) Hawaiian pizza, with the addition of a spicy touch based on jalapenos.

In case fruit and pizza are antonyms, diners can order the No Keys, No cheese, a delicious pizza based on grilled cheese. For carnivores, the Lighting meat is an ideal option because it has as much meat as a pizza should have: pepperoni, ham, chorizo and bacon. What else could a meat lover ask for?

Crypto diners will be able to order from 5 delicious pizza options to support the Bitcoin cause. (Image: Bitcoin Pizza)

Crypto-vegetarians are not left out either, as they can order the delicious Capital Greens, a pizza made with mushrooms, onions, green peppers and olives.

You can also order side-dishes such as delicious chicken wings accompanied by ranch sauce or blue cheese; or garlic rolls made with pizza dough; and finally, delicious mozzarella cheese sticks. For dessert, diners can order a delicious flan or tiramisu.

With all these alternatives, crypto diners will undoubtedly be able to support the cause of the spread of bitcoin in the world, while dining on a delicious menu from the comfort of their homes.

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