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Cuba Receives 1.7 Million Syringes From U.S. NGO, Despite Alleged ‘Blockade’

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Cuban health authorities received on Friday a donation of 1.7 million syringes sent by the American NGO Global Health Partners (GHP) to support vaccination against COVID-19 in the Caribbean country.

The amount collected by GHP, based in New York, amounts to $100,000 and is part of a campaign to reach 6 million syringes in future shipments, Néstor Marimón, an official of the Ministry of Public Health (Minsap), told the press.

The donation was received at the warehouses of the Medical Supplies Company in Havana, where Marimón thanked the Cuba Solidarity Movement in the United States and other support groups.

The NGO said in recent days that Cuba has a shortage of some 20 million syringes if it wants to vaccinate its entire population of 11.3 million people.

Those sent today will be used to complete the immunization that as part of the health intervention study are taking place in several at-risk areas in Cuba with Abdala and Soberana 02, the two formulas against the coronavirus out of the five studied by scientists on the island.

More than 3 million Cubans out of the 11.2 million living on the island have received at least one dose of these formulas as part of the clinical trials and intervention studies developed in parallel to health care.

For decades the Cuban dictatorship has accused the United States of an alleged blockade that prevents the arrival of medicines and food to the island; however, the dictator Diaz-Canel himself has been obliged to receive and acknowledge the shipment of medical supplies to Cuba from the United States.

It has been falsely touted that there is a global trade embargo against Cuba. What exists is a trade embargo that applies only and exclusively to U.S. companies. Cuba is free to trade with the other 85 % of the global economy, which is not the United States, and it does so. In addition, the United States also allows the shipment of medicines and food to the island, as has become evident.

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