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Bolsonaro: ‘Communism Did Not Work Anywhere in the World’

Bolsonaro: "el comunismo no funcionó en ningún lugar del mundo"

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Brazil’s president, Jair Bolsonaro, lashed out on Friday against former president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, Argentina, Venezuela and communism, in an act of delivery of land to peasants.

With his mind already on the presidential elections of October 2022, in which he will seek re-election, Bolsonaro condemned Lula’s intention to run again for the presidency and, without mentioning him by name, alluded to a “thief who wants to be a candidate”.

Lula is eligible to be a candidate after a controversial court ruling that annulled sentences of almost 26 years in prison against him and ordered to restart the trials due to conflicts of competence.

“See what is happening in the world. They know that a bad election can lead the people to disgrace,” the Brazilian leader said.

“That’s how it was with (Hugo) Chávez and (Nicolás) Maduro in Venezuela” and “in Argentina they also made a wrong choice,” he pointed out in clear reference to the current president, Alberto Fernández, of socialist ideology.

“We do not want that for us, but it will depend on what you choose in 2022”, insisted Bolsonaro, who stressed that “communism did not work anywhere in the world and it will not be in Brazil that it will be installed”.

The event was held in a municipality in the state of Maranhao, whose governor is Flavio Dino, of the Communist Party and who was also the target of criticism from the ruler.

“They have to have an aversion to communism,” which “only creates equality in hopelessness, hunger and misery, destroys families and religions,” said Bolsonaro, who assured that in 2022, when new governors will also be elected, “the state of Maranhao will be freed from that plague.”

Bolsonaro again criticized the closures of economic activities decided by governors and mayors to contain the contagions of coronavirus, which in Maranhao have been especially harsh, assured that “they have no proven scientific effectiveness” and maintained that they are applied to “oppress the people”.

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