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Bolsonaro Condemns Communism, Compares It to Nazism for Decimating Millions of Innocent Lives

Bolsonaro: "La libertad es primero que todo, si el ciudadano no quiere vacunarse está en su derecho"

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Brazilian president Jair Bolsonaro said Wednesday that Nazi ideology should be “repudiated” and emphasized that the same treatment should be given to any “totalitarian ideology,” specifically citing communism.

“The Nazi ideology must be repudiated in an unrestricted and permanent manner, without reservations that allow its flourishing, as well as any totalitarian ideology that violates the fundamental rights of peoples and individuals, such as the right to life and freedom,” Bolsonaro pointed out on social networks.

“In addition, it is our wish that other organizations that promote ideologies that preach anti-Semitism, the division of people into races or classes, and that also decimated millions of innocents around the world, such as the communism, are prosecuted and combated by our laws,” he said.

The Brazilian president’s statement comes a day after the Attorney General’s Office ordered the opening of an investigation to establish whether a federal deputy and recognized “influencer” had committed the crime of advocacy for Nazism, for some statements given in a podcast, which raised controversy in the country.

During an episode of “Flow Podcast”, broadcasted on Monday, the presenter and “influencer” Bruno Monteiro Aiub, known as “Monarch”, would have defended the legality of a Nazi party in Brazil; while Kim Kataguiri, federal deputy for Podemos party, would have said that it was a mistake made by Germany to have criminalized the Nazi party, according to the Prosecutor’s Office.

Since he took office on January 1, 2019, Bolsonaro has been committed to the “fight against communism.”

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