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Boris Johnson Announces ‘Biggest Tax Cut in a Decade’

Boris Johnson anuncia la mayor reducción de impuestos en una década

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The British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, reported on Tuesday that he will announce the biggest tax cut in a decade, to be known amid growing criticism against his management.

On his Twitter account, Johnson said that the British government will also invest unprecedented sums of money in the country’s infrastructure and in technology in order to increase productivity in the United Kingdom.

“That’s the responsible, long-term way to address the cost of living and pave the way for more tax cuts,” he tweeted.

The announcement comes as Johnson is at the center of a new controversy over whether he was aware of the behavior of Chris Pincher MP, who last week resigned as the Conservative party’s disciplinarian after it emerged that he had groped two men at an exclusive private club in London.

This scandal has arisen after Johnson recently managed to overcome a motion of censure within his party for the scandal of the parties in Downing Street during the pandemic, while the British opposition parties are calling for the resignation of the Prime Minister.

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