Elon Musk May Bring Internet to the Amazon Despite Geographical Obstacles

Brazil Communications Minister Fábio Faria, accompanied by Elon Musk, assured that the intention of the Brazilian government is to be the innovation center of Latin America with 5G technology.

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The Brazilian Ministry of Communications confirmed that they are working on an agreement with Elon Musk to bring Internet to the remote Amazon region and that this project will also help detect illegal deforestation. This was confirmed by the Brazilian Ministry of Communications.

The Brazilian Minister of Communications, Fábio Faria, published a video on Twitter in which, accompanied by Elon Musk, he assured that the intention of the government headed by Jair Bolsonaro is to be the innovation center of Latin America with 5G technology.

Details of the meeting between the Brazilian Government and Elon Musk

The Brazilian Ministry of Communication reported that among the topics discussed at the meeting was the use of technology to preserve the Amazon rainforest, to monitor deforestation and illegal fires. As well as connectivity projects for schools and health units in rural areas, indigenous communities, and remote locations.

“We are working to close this important partnership between the Brazilian government and SpaceX. We want to combine the technology developed by them with the Wi-Fi Brazil program of the Ministry of Communications. Our goal is to bring internet to rural areas and remote locations,” explained Minister Fábio Faria.

The ministry detailed that the approximately 4,500 satellites orbiting at low altitudes belonging to Elon Musk’s company can collaborate in monitoring to stop illegal deforestation. “For Elon Musk, bringing the Internet to people in Brazil who have more difficulties to connect is an opportunity to celebrate,” said the institution.

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