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Brendon Leslie: ‘The Media Does Not Accurately Portray Conservative Values in Florida’ ​​

Brendon Lesley: los medios de comunicación «no retratan los valores conservadores en Florida»

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During the Student Action Summit 2021, an event organized by Turning Point USA, Anthony Cabassa, field correspondent for El American spoke with Brendon Leslie, the editor-in-chief of FL Conservative Voice.

Before forming his own news platform, Leslie worked at a mainstream media outlet and after a year he quit after realizing that “all they wanted me to do was attack Republicans, even when there wasn’t a controversy.” “That’s why I left the media and started my own thing,” Leslie said.

“I took over the political scene here in Florida, that’s my main ambition here, because we have a problem.”

“The media doesn’t accurately portray the conservative values that are really in our state,” he added.

When asked by Cabassa if he considered himself biased, given the explanation he had previously given, Brendon Leslie replied, “oh, no doubt, Republicans are really conservative and justifying […] everyone will say, oh, Brendon, you’re a conservative journalist, your bias towards conservative values, heck yes, I am.”

In the interview, the journalist described himself as a transparent person, for which he stated that “What we see in the media today is that they lie, they say they are objective when in fact they are not, and what they are really trying to do is demonize the conservatives so that the left can maintain control in America.”

Finally, Leslie called on journalists who may have conservative values not to be afraid to speak out in the newsroom to those who are somehow being censored by the outlet they work for.

“I was not really censored by my bosses, I was able to win those battles, but I was consistent, I argued with them day after day, and I was able to expose the real story, from time to time. So don’t be afraid to speak in the newsroom. Tell your bosses that no, this is the truth, this is what I am putting my name on, and I am reporting it,” the journalist emphasized.

Brendon Leslie’s statements exclusively for El American came during the event held by Turning Point USA, a non-profit organization founded in 2012 by Charlie Kirk.

You can watch all the interviews on El American’s YouTube channel.

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