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Nayib Bukele Declares Himself ‘Dictator of El Salvador’ on Twitter

Bukele se autodenomina "dictador de El Salvador" en su cuenta de Twitter

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Salvadoran president, Nayib Bukele, changed his biography on the social network Twitter this Sunday night to describe himself as “dictator of El Salvador”.

The president, who previously identified himself as President of El Salvador or Layla’s Dad, changed the content of his biography on the social network.

No governmental entity has denounced the usurpation or violation of the verified account “@nayibbukele.”

On repeated occasions, the president has denied that there is a dictatorship in El Salvador in the face of criticism from various sectors that denounce an alleged “authoritarian” drift.

On September 15, thousands of Salvadorans protested in the capital against the president with various banners and slogans accusing him of being a “dictator.”

The president criticized in a message to the nation the protest and indicated that “they went to fight against a dictatorship that does not exist.”

Last March, he also stated that “El Salvador will not be a dictatorship, as some activists, analysts, journalists and politicians who were not elected want to make people believe.”

The president, who has been governing since June 2019, changed his Twitter picture last January and placed the one of the main character of the movie “The Dictator”.

The Salvadoran president adopted the photograph of Admiral General Haffaz Aladeen, protagonist of the referred movie and played by the British Sacha Baron Cohen.

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