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California Governor Pulls a ‘Do as I Say, Not as I Do’

Gobernador, California, Gavin Newsom

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It’s been a tough time for California‘s Governor, Democrat Gavin Newsom. First, it was discovered that a couple of weeks ago he was at a birthday dinner, disregarding his own state’s health measures, implemented by him, to curb COVID-19 infections. Then, his office fell into a mousetrap, when he justified the situation by claiming that the dinner complied with all sanitary protocols, and that it was outdoors. Photos obtained and released by Fox 11 suggest otherwise.

According to reports, the dinner was to celebrate the fiftieth birthday of Jason Kinney, a political advisor who Newsom has known for a couple of decades.

Some of the information disclosed by Fox News.
What the Governor of California failed to do

Gavin Newsom, having dinner, would have disrespected two sanitary measures: meeting people from three different households and eating at indoor restaurants or bars. In addition, the recommendations to wear masks and/or maintain social distance were not followed at the dinner.

An article published on November 18 by Fox Los Angeles, indicates that the photos “not only question Governor Newsom’s explanation that the dinner was outside, but also reveal that two high-level members of the California Medical Association were present at the dinner with the governor,” rekindling the controversy and outrage among not only critics, but also allies.

POLITICO California also echoed the information about the governor of California.

Fox’s local station spoke with Jamie Court, president of the progressive organization Consumer Watchdog, who was not only surprised to see the governor of California at the gathering, but also recognized two senior members of the California Medical Association who were at the dinner.

One is Janus Norman, a senior lobbyist for this organization, who was sitting next to Governor Newsom. The other person is Dustin Corcoran, CEO of this association, who was across the table.

“The message is: forget the pandemic, sit as close as you can. Don’t cover your face, no masks, no social distancing. This is the state medical association, they speak for the state’s physicians, and their top lobbyist and president are sitting shoulder to shoulder,” Court told Fox.

We must remember that last Monday the governor of California apologized for the mistake of attending the birthday party and dinner where he did not comply with the health measures imposed by the state.

Fox Los Angeles not only had access to the photos, but also spoke with the lady who took them: “While we were there we realized that there was a very noisy party in a room 20 feet away from us. It was a little annoying since you’re spending hard-earned money to go there,” said the woman who did not give her name, but who acknowledged her outrage at seeing Newsom at the dinner.

Do what I say, not what I do

The famous saying is the best way to synthesize governor Newson’s dissenting stock announcements. California has been confined for much of 2020. This is not a problem for big companies in Silicon Valley or San Francisco that have the possibility of teleworking. But it is a rather complex reality for people with face-to-face jobs who have been notoriously harmed by the pandemic and confinements.

In that regard, many businesses and small and medium-sized enterprises have closed or reduced their staff due to the health measures enacted to deal with the pandemic.

Authorities in several States, particularly where Democrats are in office, including California, have been very strict on health measures to prevent infection. One of the main activities noted are private gatherings, because, according to authorities, they are a high source of spread.

In that sense, the governor of California not only made the serious mistake of not complying with his own measures but also disrespected much of the effort that Californians have made in the midst of the pandemic to stay afloat despite the economic crisis.

Moreover, it not only affects California, because the way in which the virus is being fought throughout the state has been exported to other states, such as New York, where its governor has announced restrictive measures to curb the increase in cases of Coronavirus such as by issuing curfews, which are affecting the economy of millions of people across the country.

Emmanuel Alejandro Rondón is a journalist at El American specializing in the areas of American politics and media analysis // Emmanuel Alejandro Rondón es periodista de El American especializado en las áreas de política americana y análisis de medios de comunicación.

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