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Candidate for AZ Gov, Kari Lake, Slams the Left: ‘Don’t California Our Arizona’

Candidate for AZ Gov, Kari Lake, Slams the Left: 'Don't California Our Arizona'

Kari Lake, a candidate for the Republican nomination for Governor of Arizona, talked with our chief correspondent Anna Paulina Luna a few days ago. Kari, who worked for local TV news station FOX 10 for 22 years, resigned earlier this 2021 and is now being one of the front-runners for the GOP nomination according to some polls.

Although Lake made a career and a name during her years in the media, in the interview with El American she discussed how “corporate mainstream media has done a great disservice to America” and that she made the final decision to leave the mainstream media world after seeing the “fearmongering, the division” that the media was propagating during their COVID coverage, and that she concluded that the media is “a really big part of the problem in America” and that she just no longer wanted to be part of it.

For Kari, the country needs “citizen politicians” to represent their interests in government, rather than professional politicians who “jump from one political job to another” and that politicians “should get involved, do the job, and get out”.

Kari described her platform to Anna Paulina in two key points: “don’t California our Arizona” and keeping the “rural heritage of Arizona”. Lake emphasized that she wants to prevent the Grand Canyon State to follow the leftist policies that led thousands of Californians to escape their state, which had transformed it into a “doomsday state”, and that she also wants to represent the interests and concerns of the rural citizens of Arizona who are “the backbone of the state”.

For Kari, whose husband is Latino, the Hispanic population has been “lied to” by the Democratic Party as the Latino community is “very much about family, very much about faith, and pro-life” which are values that the left has”not been embracing”. For Lake, the conservative movement has too much to offer to the Hispanic community as the “conservative values are really the values of the Latino family, of the Latino man and woman”, which is why she thinks conservatism is a “natural fit” for the Hispanic community.

Regarding the border crisis, Lake said that simply “we can’t absorb all of that here in Arizona (…) we don’t have the resources for it” and that the state will not be able to offer them jobs, healthcare, and other services to those who are coming in. She also said that the border crisis makes it an issue that affects every Arizonan, regardless of their ethnicity or skin color.

You can watch the whole interview between Kari Lake and Anna Paulina Luna at our YouTube channel.

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