Catalina Lauf: ‘We Need Lions in Congress Now’

El American’s Chief Correspondent sat down with her friend and fellow campaigner Catalina Lauf to discuss her campaign for Congress in the state of Illinois and her personal vision for rebuilding America.

Lauf is one of many grassroots conservative candidates seeking to oust establishment Republicans and Trump critics from Congress. In her case, she is targeting the seat of Rep. Adam Kinzinger, who represents the state’s 16th Congressional district.

“We need lions in Congress,” she explained. “Our individual liberties are being stripped away in front of our eyes. It’s very scary.”

Having worked at Uber’s Corporate Office before launching her political career, the 27-year-old has become a major voice on social media and hopes to ride the wave of grassroots support to defeat Kinzinger in next year’s Republican primary.

“We need to have people in Congress who will fight for your individual liberties, that’s what they are elected to do. When you look at the constitution, it is about securing your basic rights and leave me the heck alone.”

Lauf also reflected on the abuse she receives from the Democrats and the left as a Hispanic conservative woman.

“Look at the way they treated Candace Owens,” she said. “I remember she was asked if like if she hated black people. How could you even say that to somebody? It is unbelievable the way they just push their narrative. We are their worst nightmare in a lot of ways because we are unafraid to be blatantly honest and approach these issues that for so long have been the left’s way of putting Republicans in a box.”

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