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Is Banning Critical Race Theory Free Speech Censorship? No, Says Ben Shapiro

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During a conservative event, the Daily Wire’s Ben Shapiro was asked if banning Critical Race Theory (CRT) was a form of censorship. When questioned, the political analyst explained that you can talk about the theory on college campuses, but what you can’t do is indoctrinate schools with that ideology.

“I think that public education as an institution is dedicated not merely to the idea that you send your kids to school, then the teachers sump whatever they want on your kids. I think the idea is that these parents delegate their power to educate their children to the states via the public schools and then they have the authority and should have the authority to determine what framework is being taught. And the Anti-American framework of Critical Race Theory which unrooted in actual history ought not to be taught in America’s public schools,” Shapiro said.

The answer was revealed in a video posted on social media. Upon being asked again by one of the participants, during the debate, Shapiro indicated that age should be considered an important factor in understanding these types of theories.

“I’m not sure that public schools have an obligation to teach as practical critical race theory again. I think there are different ways to that it’s taught, so if we’re talking about inner sociology classes one of many theories about American history and now we’re going to talk about how it applies, I don’t really have a problem with that being taught. If we’re talking about critical race theory being taught as a framework to view America’s institutions to the exclusion of other frameworks I do have a problem with that,” he insisted.

Local laws on teaching Critical Race Theory have been in the American debate for a few months now. In fact, in April of this year, the Idaho House of Representatives and Senate passed a bill banning the teaching of Critical Race Theory.

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