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‘Bankless’ Channel Reinstated After Being Censored by YouTube

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Bankless, which has at least 150,000 subscribers on its YouTube channel, stated that it had been censored on the digital platform. The media, specialized in cryptocurrencies, detailed that the measure was taken without prior warning and without any justification. The YouTube team reported that the service was restored a few hours later.

“Confirming Bankless channel is back up, we’re so sorry this happened,” YouTube said on Twitter.

Cryptocurrency Content

Bankless asked for the support of its followers to spread the word and have the channel reinstated, and insisted that it is wrong to ban crypto content on digital platforms. After the YouTube channel was restored, the media outlet maintained on Twitter that its movement cannot be stopped.

For months now, YouTube censorship of various of its channels, some of them conservative or promoting libertarian ideas, has been reported.

Other cases of YouTube censorship involve two removed Senate videos and all videos of former President Donald Trump at CPAC 2021, as well as the two-week suspension of the Right Side Broadcasting Network (RSBN) account.

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