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China and Russia Use the UN to Hinder U.S. Interests, Says Nikki Haley

Nikki Haley

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A new report endorsed by Nikki Haley reveals that China, Russia and Iran are exploiting their influence at the United Nations (UN) to push back against U.S. interests.

The Foundation for Defense of Democracies (FDD) paper notes that these nations are using the UN as a catapult to advance their own authoritarian interests.

“Despite America’s status as the leader of the free world, a champion of human rights, and the largest financial contributor to the UN system, the authoritarian regimes that rule China, Russia, Iran, and other rogue states increasingly exploit the systems Washington created to maintain a peaceful international order after World War II,” the FDD report says.

Nikki Haley, former U.S. ambassador to the UN under the Donald Trump administration, wrote the foreword to the report and warned how other countries fear the growing influence of China’s communist regime inside the body.

“Like Russia, Beijing uses its seat on the Security Council to block justified and moral measures,” Haley wrote.

“Equally concerning, China is quietly working to corrupt the United Nations from top to bottom. Beijing is pursuing control of virtually every UN agency. Its actions are malicious and often disastrous.” she added.

“Parts of the UN cannot be salvaged”: Nikki Haley

For years now, the United States has been addressing China’s growing influence in the UN while injecting more money into various bodies of the institution that are seriously challenged, such as the WHO.

Haley recalls how the World Health Organization concealed the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic to favor China.

“The WHO’s struggles illustrate another sad reality: Many UN agencies are broken. The United States should try to fix them where possible. Yet we cannot fall into the trap of mistaking process for progress,” he says.

“Some parts of the United Nations just cannot be salvaged. Sometimes we are better off leaving them behind,” he said.

The report supported by Haley points out how China has increased its influence and has won several elections to dominate a third of the UN specialized agencies, while obtaining a large number of seats in courts, councils and other bodies within this organization.

The document published this Wednesday, June 30, calls on the United States, specifically the State Department and Congress, to wage a battle to restore order and regain U.S. leadership.

“When China is able to take control of organizations, China wins, but America and our allies lose,” Richard Goldberg, author of the report, told Fox News.

What will be the next COVID-19? What will be the next international organization that has been taken over by China or Russia or other US adversaries that will work against our interests and cost, perhaps, unfortunately, more American lives, more American treasure in the future,” she said.

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