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How Low Can He Go? CNN Poll Shows Biden’s Low Approval Rating

Biden, El American

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A recent CNN poll shows a sharp decline in President Joe Biden’s approval rating on everything from the economy to the Russo-Ukrainian War, and suggests a further drop in his perception by the Hispanic community.

While the CNN poll gives the president a 38% overall approval rating, just 30% approve of his economic performance and 25% believe he has done a good job handling inflation. These last two indicators are the main problems for 75% of those surveyed.

Biden’s disapproval has even begun to cross party lines. Among Democrats, the president has a 73% approval rating, which means a drop of more than 13 points in his own party since the beginning of May. Likewise, the official party gives 62% approval to his economic management and 51% to his anti-inflation measures.

Within the African-American community, support for Biden also dropped. The survey indicates that 57% of black voters surveyed support the president’s overall performance, a drop of 6 approval points in that demographic category, with 52% disapproving of the overall economy and 62% disapproving of anti-inflation policies.

Meanwhile, Hispanics continue to rapidly drift away from the Democratic president: only 38% of them approve of Biden’s performance, a 9-point drop since May. 66% of the Hispanics surveyed believe that Biden has not handled the economy well. Similarly, 59% disapprove of his immigration policies and a resounding 71% disapprove of his handling of inflation.

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Likewise, those who disapprove of the president’s management do so more vehemently than those who support it. Only 12% strongly approve of Democratic governance, while 43% strongly disapprove. This includes Democrats, as only 28% strongly support Biden.