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‘Crackhead’ Hunter Biden? NY Rots in Crime, and the Racist NYT


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The latest charges against a hardworking Dominican man in NYC — after he fatally stabbed a man who had recklessly assaulted him in HIS OWN STORE — serve as the perfect proof that New York has become a sh*those where citizens are harshly punished if they dare to defend themselves against criminals. El American’s Daniel Chang has insight into the events of the Manhattan bodega incident. 

Free Jose Alba! Read more about his story here:

NYT Hates Conservative Women

El American’s Emmanuel Rondon the fake New York Times for falsely labeling Congresswoman Mayra Flores for her believe in family values, common sense border security, and low taxes for the everyday citizen.

The NYT, which celebrates Socialist officials like Congresswoman AOC and Senator Bernie Sanders, accuses Flores of embracing ”the extreme” (or whatever that means to the good people of the Fake New York Times

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‘Crackhead’ Hunter Biden Is Back

GOP congressmen are raising the alarm about the Biden Treasury taking extra measures at protecting the financial records of “suspicious” business dealings via “SARS” requests. These reports could include key information about the dealings of Hunter Biden.

In similar Hunter news, the Daily Mail is reporting that ‘crackhead’ Hunter Biden—as Greg Gutfielf calls him—filmed himself smoking crack cocaine amid the weeks after he received a whopping $20k from Biden for a detox program.

Mental Health, Drugs, and Crime

Earlier this week, El American’s Emma Rincón detailed how our country’s mental health issue needs to finally be tackled. I agreed. While our elected officials do so, they must also address NY’s reckless spiking crime rate and drug issue.

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