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Cuban Regime Detains ABC Newspaper Correspondent for Covering Protests

El American

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Camila Acosta, Cuban correspondent of ABC newspaper, was detained on Monday after participating in the coverage of the protests against the communist regime in Havana.

According to information provided by the media, the journalist was intercepted by the regime’s forces when she was about to carry out a personal errand, hours after reporting on the demonstrations in the Cuban capital.

Communication with the correspondent was interrupted after Miguel Díaz-Canel’s regime cut off the Internet on the island in an attempt to prevent the information from spreading.

This is not the first time that Acosta has been detained by the Cuban regime. According to her own account, the persecution of which she has been a victim has forced her to change her residence on several occasions after her leases were revoked, and so far it is impossible for her to leave Cuba because she is “regulated” by the Castro authorities.

Cuba’s communist government intensified its repression against demonstrators and activists by deploying its Armed Forces throughout the country, leaving hundreds of people detained and many missing, according to activists and local journalists. Miami Mayor Francis Suarez called for a U.S.-led international military intervention to prevent “a bloodbath” in the country.

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