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Cuban Regime Cuts off the Internet as Protests Continue to Escalate

Cuba amanece sin internet tras protestas ciudadanas contra el régimen

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Cuba dawned this Monday without mobile internet service and with the uncertainty of whether the citizen protests against the regime that broke out on Sunday throughout the country will continue.

Cuban dictator, Miguel Díaz-Canel, will appear today at 09.00 local time on national television and radio networks.

Internet service on cell phones has been cut since yesterday at noon, which has made it difficult to know in real-time the situation inside the country and the development of the demonstrations.

After the dozens of arrests that took place on Sunday, activists and opponents have denounced on social networks that several people arrested while participating in the protests, especially in Havana, are still missing.

During the night and early hours of the morning, the social networks have multiplied the reports with videos of police repression and violence in cities and towns of the island.

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Thousands of Cubans took to the streets yesterday to protest against the regime shouting “Freedom!” in a day that ended with hundreds of arrests and clashes after Diaz-Canel called on television for his supporters to go out to confront the demonstrators and defend the communist Revolution.

The protests, the strongest that have occurred in Cuba since the so-called “maleconazo” of August 1994, take place with the country mired in a serious economic and health crisis that has dragged on for decades, with the pandemic out of control and a severe shortage of food, medicines and other basic products, in addition to long power outages.