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PODCAST | Shady Cuban Ties at the Biden State Department, Exposed?

Subsecretaria de Estado y su relación con organizaciones prorégimen cubano | El Cuban

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Cuban activist Alberto Fonseca (the brother of political prisoner Roberto Pérez Fonseca) has denounced the links between the anti-embargo initiative Puentes de Amor, the Havin Bank — the only Cuban bank founded outside the island, located in London — and Emily Mendrala, the Biden official in charge of Cuban affairs and regional migration. El American’s journalist Ana Olema discusses this topic in El Cuban podcast, from El American.

Through a series of documents, and using social networks, Fonseca exposes the strategy behind the new rapprochement between the Cuban dictatorship and the United States, and the economic interests defended by Castro’s frontmen and lobbyists.

“One wonders how the White House receives Carlos Lazo, founder of Puentes de Amor, but they couldn’t send a message to the Cubans who demonstrated on July 11,” said Fonseca.

Sanctions against the Cuban dictatorship

Olema presents the first part of this interview. It does so with an intelligent and incisive guest who promotes strategies to boycott corporations that do business with the dictatorship, and who from citizen journalism confronts powerful political forces.

“After Obama’s economic thaw, it has already been proven that the only beneficiaries are those who are directly linked to the dictatorship,” the activist pointed out.

She added that “this is not the time to remove any sanctions. I am in favor of putting more control over the frontmen who are pro-Castro figures within the United States […] The regime needs to have complete control of the information that, now with the Internet, is getting out of their hands and is the strongest weapon we Cubans have now.”

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