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Culture War: Socialism’s Revanchist Formula for Destroying Economies

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“To wreck a country’s economy takes a lot more than just incompetence,” said El American’s Editor-at-large, Emmanuel Rincón, who devoted the thirteenth installment of Culture War to analyzing the revanchist formula of resentment and envy with which socialist states ruin entire countries.

In order for different power groups, military forces, businessmen, political parties and civil society to be incapable of dealing with the theft of resources in an articulated manner, they must act in an organized manner. The best example of this, as Emmanuel tells us, is Chavismo and its dictatorial regime in Venezuela.

“There is no political group in the history of mankind more effective than the one led by Hugo Chávez in destroying an entire country in a staggered manner”, says Rincón. According to his approach, Chavism conceived “the ideal formula” to impoverish and dominate the nation’s richest in natural resources in all of South America.

An indispensable part of this formula is to impoverish the citizenry in order to keep them ignorant and defenseless against the abuses of the huge State. However, this is not the first step. He tells us that “there can be no successful looting if the idea that we live in an unjust society, divided between oppressed and oppressors, has not been generated in the public opinion.”

The formula of revanchism, envy and resentment

There can be no revolution without an enemy. After engendering resentment in public opinion, the next thing to do is to locate an antagonist to blame for all the ills of society. Communists invoke wars of all kinds to point to the “destabilizing factor” oppressing the people.

“The state of war or calamity will generate the need to accept collectivist decisions,” says Emmanuel. For that, communism invents economic, electric and, of course, armed wars. The natural enemy of the socialist system is the businessman, as well as any political and intellectual group that promotes individualism and freedoms over the collective good.

To attack these enemies, they are dehumanized and open the way to division, segregation and hatred. And, of course, to achieve the success of all the above, it is necessary to point to the people as a victim of these enemies who need the State to protect them.

When the State has appropriated all the means of production, the citizen, who has been turned into a victim, will not be able to reveal himself. Thus, the long-term objectives of the communists will be fulfilled: to steal the money of all while the State consolidates itself, strong and indestructible.

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