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Cuomo Officials Threatened Nursing Home Representatives

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Officials of Democratic Governor Andrew Cuomo reportedly threatened nursing home representatives during a conversation about COVID-19 vaccines. The New York Post indicated that threats were done by members of the Governor’s inner circle.

According to the allegations, these high officials threatened fines and license revocations during an emergency conversation about coronavirus vaccines. The event occurred in early March and was via a phone call.

State Department of Health Commissioner Howard Zucker and Beth Garvey, special advisor to the governor, used the call to threaten nursing home operators for failing to pick up vaccine shipments they allegedly ordered.

The situation comes just as Andrew Cuomo faces continued scrutiny over his response to the nursing home health crisis, as well as accusations that he fosters a toxic work environment where bullying behavior permeates to higher levels. The Democrat was also accused of having preferences when it came to testing for the new coronavirus early in the pandemic.

“You call people up with no notice, start threatening licenses and penalties — that’s your starting position? The first I heard something was wrong was on that call. Before that? Nothing” one of the New York Post‘s sources said.

Last week, several media outlets including the Times Union in Albany reported that members of Andrew Cuomo’s family, including his brother Chris, a CNN reporter, his mother and at least one of his sisters, were tested for the coronavirus by senior Department of Health officials. And some of them several times in the beginning of the pandemic.

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