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Dariel Fernández, GOP Commissioner Candidate: ‘Voting Is the Way to Demonstrate the Great Democracy the United States Is’

Dariel Fernández: "Votando es la manera de demostrar la gran democracia que es Estados Unidos"

Dariel Fernandez is a Cuban American entrepreneur, investor, talent host, producer, author, philanthropist and politician. He is currently a Republican candidate for Miami-Dade County Commissioner for District 6.

Fernández describes himself as a businessman and family man who, together with his wife Carolina Vester, wants to work for his community. Therefore, he has no doubt that it is the decision of each citizen to be different and change the course of their surroundings.

The Republican arrived in Miami-Dade County from Cuba in 2002 in search of the American dream. He says that upon arrival he immediately fell in love with this country and “its endless opportunities to grow and prosper.” His career began in several important media outlets.

He says he wants a community campaign, where citizens learn that the only way to have a better future for the country is when people get involved in politics. He also believes wholeheartedly that there is nothing that cannot be achieved when the community comes together and works hard for a better future.

“These are not partisan elections. In my case, I’m a Republican. But what I want is for all of us as a community to move Miami-Dade County forward. Everything that happens in the county affects us and that is the support we have been looking for in the last 4 months: the support of those who live in front of my house and I don’t care what party they belong to, but they are also affected by the same problems,” Fernandez told El American.

Dariel Fernández on voting

He is convinced that it is necessary for Americans, especially Hispanics, to understand the importance of voting. He insists that they should value the opportunity that the United States gives them to choose those who will define the future.

“The most important thing is that American citizens have to be educated about the importance of what it means to exercise the right to vote responsibly. I believe that, up to this point, citizens have not understood the importance of voting. When we talk about a primary election like this Tuesday’s, it’s an election that defines the future of the county. And that is what affects the people of this county on a daily basis. It is inconceivable that there are people who don’t know that the election is tomorrow. The government has to have a plan to encourage people to vote,” Fernandez said.

Finally, he emphasized that “voting is the only way to demonstrate what a great democracy the United States is.”

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