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De Blasio Offers to Pay $100 to Vaccinated New Yorkers

De Blasio soborna con 100 dólares a los neoyorkinos para que se vacunen

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Starting Friday, New York City will offer anyone who gets vaccinated against covid-19 at a municipal center a $100 incentive, Mayor Bill de Blasio announced Wednesday.

The New York City mayor’s payment seeks to give a new boost to the immunization campaign in the Big Apple, which is currently close to 10 million doses administered, but which in recent weeks has seen the pace slow down.

According to the most recent official data, 54.4% of the population of New York (about 8.3 million people) is fully vaccinated against the coronavirus, a percentage that rises to 65.5% if only adults are taken into account.

De Blasio, in a press conference, insisted that vaccination is the only way to ensure the city’s recovery.

“In the vaccination centers run by the city, when you get your first dose (…) you will receive 100 dollars”, the mayor stressed when announcing this program, which will start on Friday.

New York has previously offered numerous incentives of various kinds to encourage vaccinations, ranging from $5 million prize drawings to free hamburgers and fries.

In recent days, New York and other localities and states have also begun issuing orders for municipal employees to get vaccinated or, if they refuse, to submit to weekly covid-19 testing.

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