Democrats re-elected Nancy Pelosi as Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives

Pelosi, President Donald Trump’s main enemy in Congress, has led the House caucus since 2003.

U.S. Democratic lawmakers re-elected House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, 80, on Wednesday to lead the party and to lead its narrow majority in the lower house of Congress.

“Congratulations to @SpeakerPelosi, once again elected by House Democrats to be our leader and nominated for Speaker of the House for the 117th Congress,” the Democratic caucus tweeted.

Pelosi, President Donald Trump’s main enemy in Congress, has led the House caucus since 2003. 

While there were proposals in the Democratic ranks to replace the party leaders in the House, the number 2 Steny Hoyer and number 3 James Clyburn are also on track to be renewed in their positions.

A formal vote in the House for the rapporteur position will take place in January, after the new term begins and shortly before the next U.S. president is known.

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