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Demonstrators in Colombia Wound Police Officers with Dangerous Objects


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Demonstrators in Colombia have used dangerous objects to attack police officers in Bogota. A day of demonstrations on the occasion of the National Strike and held in the vicinity of the Transmilenio portal ended in riots. This is because while the strike committee met with the National Government, a few took to the streets.

Clashes in Bogotá

Violence was recorded during the protest. A video recorded by the RCN team shows the objects used by the demonstrators in Colombia. Likewise, the media details that a group of vandals attacked the participants in the talks between the Government and other political actors, throwing stones, as well as strange and dangerous objects made up of pointy sticks.

According to RCN, “RCN News learned about some of these elements, used by the demonstrators with the intention of causing damage to the National Police”. As a result of the attack, one general had to take shelter inside the Transmilenio facilities.