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DeSantis Protects Floridians from Sanctions for Not Complying with ‘Unnecessary’ COVID Restrictions

DeSantis protege a la Florida de sanciones por no cumplir «medidas innecesarias» contra COVID-19

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Governor Ron DeSantis expanded the steps taken in May to protect Floridians from government overreach related to COVID restrictions by proposing a statewide categorical grant of full pardons of civil and criminal penalties to individuals or businesses punished for violating measures DeSantis deems “unnecessary and unscientific.”

Former gym owners Mike and Jillian Carnevale are examples of Floridians who have faced criminal penalties, including potential jail time, for failing to comply with local mask mandates at their former business in Broward County.

“Floridians like Mike and Jillian Carnevale should have never faced criminal charges for not requiring masks in their businesses,” said Governor Ron DeSantis, in a press release received by El American.

‘Unnecessary’ Covid restrictions

DeSantis added that no company should be penalized for overreaching measures. “Today, we took action in Florida to reject the overreach of local authorities through unnecessary and unscientific mask mandates. No business should face economic ruin and be punished for alleged violations of local orders that are unreasonably restrictive of rights and liberties.”

Florida’s governor has insisted that citizens retain their freedom. In fact, in April he banned the use of vaccination passports in Florida and has pushed for society and its economy to remain open. This he believes limits the freedom of Americans.