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Venezuelan, Cuban Dictatorships Reportedly Punish 17 Cuban Doctors for Attempting to Escape to Colombia

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At least 17 Cuban doctors who are part of the so-called humanitarian missions of the Castro dictatorship were reportedly detained in Venezuela while trying to escape to Colombia crossing the border, according to reports.

The organization Gremio Médico Cubano Libre says the doctors who were trying to desert the Cuban dictatorship’s mission were sent back to their country, where they could be prosecuted and imprisoned.

Cuban doctors subjected to slavery

In a Facebook post, the organization’s legal advisor and spokesperson, Miguel Angel Ruano, denounced that the 17 citizens were detained by the Venezuelan regime’s forces at the Venezuela-Colombia border.

“Their only ‘crime’ was trying to escape from the modern slavery and labor exploitation to which they are subjected,” stated Ruano in the post.

The spokesman also indicated that the more than 20,000 Cuban doctors who remain in Venezuela had their documentation withdrawn to prevent them from escaping.

On the other hand, Dr. Emilio Arteaga Pérez, spokesman for the organization based in Spain, confirmed the facts in an “emergency post” on his social networks.

“Knowing the nature of how the Cuban regime works, we are very alarmed about this and we want to alert the national and international public opinion,” said Arteaga Perez. “We are on the doorstep of a real crime that is going to be committed against prepared people whose only crime is that they wanted to achieve a little freedom and put an end to an intolerable situation of human trafficking and slavery.”

The measure, according to spokespersons of the Free Cuban Medical Association, will serve the Cuban dictatorship to warn the rest of the health professionals about the consequences of deserting.

Both the United Nations (UN) and the European Union (EU) have referred to the Cuban dictatorship’s medical missions as modern-day forms of slavery.

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