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Political Analyst Eduardo Zalovich Joins El American’s Growing Team

Eduardo Zalovich, El American

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The Editorial Board is pleased to announce that renowned Israeli-Uruguayan political analyst Eduardo Zalovich has joined El American as a columnist.

Zalovich is a renowned history professor, born in Uruguay in 1960 and a graduate of the Instituto de Profesores Artigas. In addition, he has a specialization in Contemporary History and International Politics. He also speaks Spanish, English, Hebrew, and French.

Eduardo Zalovich is currently a correspondent for the weekly Búsqueda, a contributor to El American, Vozpopuli, Semanario Hebreo, La Vanguardia. He was also a civil servant at the Uruguayan Embassy in Israel.

Until 2000, he was a teacher at Abrazo del Monzón, Ariel, and Integral high schools. Previously he was director of the “Centro de Estudios Judaicos” of Montevideo and head of the International Section of the newspaper LEA (Uruguay).

The opinion and analysis articles published by Zalovich focus mainly on political issues of interest in the Middle East, Europe, and America.

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