El American Live: razones contra la legalización del aborto

El American Live: Top Reasons Against the Legalization of Abortion

Despite the strong political influence of the pro-abortion movement, attorney Ángela Vélez thoughtfully detailed the arguments against both the legalization and normalization of the killing of unborn babies

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Abortion is a highly controversial issue that has profound implications for society. For this reason, Vanessa Vallejo, co-editor-in-chief of El American, spoke to lawyer Ángela Vélez about the top reasons against its legalization.

El American Live and the reasons against legalizing abortion

To begin with, they showed how a baby looks like at ten weeks of gestation, making it clear that it is already formed. In response to this, they reminded that it is precisely at that stage of pregnancy that most abortions are performed.

Vélez explained that the statement that legalizing abortion will make the procedure safe is a lie. She stressed that this discourse has been created because, in her opinion, if feelings are appealed to, it is much easier to change people’s perception and culture.

“Abortion will never be safe, but an invasive and violent process that is not intended to cure something,” Vélez pointed out.

A business behind abortion

In addition, she added that an abortionist and comfort culture is being created, starting when girls are very young. For this reason, she considers it necessary to dismantle the narrative that abortion brings any benefit.

She said that the consequences of this decision on women’s health in the short and long term should be discussed. She pointed out that being against abortion is not a religious issue. On the contrary, she stressed that it has negative scientific results that pro-abortionists do not mention.

Vélez also indicated that behind the pro-abortion narrative there are many interests and a business. The interviewee warned that many now consider this action as a new contraceptive method without considering that in reality a life is being ended. “What they want to sell is that if abortion is legalized, there will be fewer abortions. That is a lie. In Colombia there were 100 abortions in 2006. To date there are 40,000 abortions,” she said.

Finally, she sent a message to young women who see abortion as something normal. “Everything is aimed at making this a culture for girls. They want to make it seem that a child is a problem. Those of us who are pro-life, the only thing we want is to protect children and women.”

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