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Hunter Biden Urged Brother’s Widow to Get HIV Test During Affair

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According to a Fox News exclusive, Hunter asked Hallie to take an HIV test and inform him about the result. In the email, Hunter also accused Hallie of turning his niece against him and asked Hallie to seek “serious long term professional help.”

“I am getting tested today. I have been sick scared Hallie and you [hang] up on me. The love you give is so disturbing,” Hallie wrote back in the post.

“I hope you have someone to turn to in bed in my brothers’ house and that that act of love can be for him or her or them and not a secret someone,” Hunter wrote to Hallie on July 15, 2018.

Fox News recalled that “Hunter revealed the details of his affair with Hallie in his 2021 memoir “Beautiful Things,” explaining that he and Hallie started a relationship in 2016 about a year after his brother, Beau, died of brain cancer.”

Hunter Biden and his relationship with his sister-in-law

At the time he began the relationship with Hallie, Hunter was married to Kathleen Buhle. However, they separated at the time of the affair, and the two finalized their divorce in April 2017. During that same time, while living with Hallie, Hunter began a sexual relationship with Hallie’s older sister, Elizabeth Secundy, in addition to former stripper Lunden Roberts.

“In July 2018, the same month that Biden sent his email to Hallie demanding she get an HIV test, Hunter was infamously blacklisted from the Chateau Marmont hotel in Los Angeles due to his drug use over the course of five months staying at the hotel, according to Miranda Devine’s book “Laptop from Hell,” Fox News reported.

Hunter Biden has been facing a series of scandals for some time now. El American last September published a compilation of the most important things found on the president’s son’s laptop. For example, the El American article details a text where Hunter tells his father to run for president so he can wash his image: “If you don’t run [for president], I’ll never have a chance at redemption.” To which his father replies, “I’ll run but I need you. H [Hallie Biden] is wrong. Only focus is recovery, Nothing else.”

Two months after this exchange, Biden announced his presidential candidacy.

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