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First Bus of Illegal Immigrants Sent by Texas Arrives in DC

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The first bus of illegal immigrants arrived in Washington, D.C., blocks away from the Capitol, on Wednesday morning. It is a measure taken by the governor of Texas, Greg Abbott, to counteract the effects that the lifting of Title 42 by Joe Biden’s administration will have.

According to Fox News, the bus stopped at approximately 8 am local time and the people who arrived came from the city of Del Rio, Texas, after arriving in the United States from Colombia, Cuba, Nicaragua, and Venezuela.

Increase in illegal migrants

The situation arises after the administration of President Joe Biden announced that it will stop applying Title 42, an extraordinary rule that prohibited undocumented migrants at the border during the pandemic, on May 23rd.

As explained by the Department of Homeland Security, once the Title 42 Order is no longer in effect, DHS will process individuals found at the border under Title 8, which is the standard procedure they use to place individuals in deportation proceedings.

With the repeal of the measure, the return of traditional immigration protocols is expected. In fact, the White House explained that it is preparing for an increase in migration. The so-called fact sheet indicates that the Department of Homeland Security has moved officers, agents, and Volunteer Force personnel to quickly decompress points along the border and process migrants more efficiently.

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