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Five Shot and Wounded During Spring Break Weekend in Miami Beach

Cinco heridos de bala durante el fin de semana de Spring Break en Miami Beach

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Two women were shot and wounded in a shooting that occurred early Monday morning in the Miami Beach area, where hundreds of young people who spend their Spring Break in South Florida.

With these two, there are five people injured by firearms on Ocean Drive and its surroundings during the weekend, which is considered the halfway point of Spring Break.

People who heard gunshots around 1:00 a.m. on Ocean Drive alerted police, who found two injured women.

Both were hospitalized and are not in danger, according to local media reports, which indicate that two people, from whom weapons were seized, were arrested on suspicion of being the perpetrators of the shootings.

On Sunday, also early in the morning, two people were found in similar circumstances wounded by firearms and were taken to a hospital.

A third person, also wounded by gunshot, went to another medical center by his own means.

After last year’s disturbances, in which one person was killed and more than a thousand people were arrested, in addition to seizures of firearms and drugs, which led to a curfew, Miami Beach authorities have taken preventive measures this year and reinforced police patrols for “Spring Break”.

The city’s mayor, Dan Gelber, said they will be as prepared as they can be.

In addition to increasing police presence in the busiest areas, he has banned the sale and consumption of alcoholic beverages in Miami Beach from 2 a.m. on March 7 to 21.

This is in addition to a ban on alcohol consumption on public beaches, regardless of the time of day, and restrictions on the use of loudspeakers to blast loud music on the beach.

Traditionally, the weekend following St. Patrick’s Day (March 17) is when most spring breakers arrive.

Activity at Miami International Airport reached record levels during these days and on Saturday airport authorities warned the public that their parking lot capacity was at full capacity.

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