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Florida Woman Arrested at Walmart for Threatening Customers with a Knife

After the arrest, it was discovered that the woman had consumed about four grams of methamphetamine

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A Florida woman was arrested at a Walmart on March 30 for wielding a knife and threatening customers while high on methamphetamine, according to local police.

The Marion County Sheriff’s Office of Law Enforcement posted the video on social media offering a report on the arrest of the woman, named Brandy McGowan, who faces charges of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

“Through the investigation, it was learned that McGowan entered the business wielding a brick and began threatening customers as she was walking around,” the report reads. “She then located a pocket knife for sale and began opening the packaging with a pair of scissors from the store. Once the knife was open, she continued to threaten employees and customers until Deputy Witte and Detective Thomas arrived.”

Florida woman high on drugs and armed at Walmart

Following the arrest, according to the report, the Florida woman was found to have consumed about four grams of methamphetamine earlier in the day. McGowan, who repeatedly spoke incoherently, was sent for medical evaluation after the arrest.

Officer Christopher Witt and Crime Detective Pamela Thomas of the Marion Police arrived on the scene around 1:40 p.m. and found McGowan in the clothing section of Walmart with a knife in hand and threatening a customer.

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In the video, Officer Witt is seen asking the suspect multiple times to drop the weapon, but she refuses. Witt quickly switched his firearm for a taser and proceeded to approach McGowan, who continued to resist following the officers’ instructions. She was eventually shocked and arrested by the officers.

“Upon her release from the hospital, McGowan was transported to the Marion County Jail, where she remains,” reads the report.

Crimes at Walmart have become a mysterious trend for a few years now. Recently, at another Walmart store in Miami, a man attempted to rape a woman and customers had to intervene.

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