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Fraud, Money Laundering and Exotic Dancing: Are the Claims Against Kimberly Klacik True?

Anthony Cabassa contributed to this story

A small Twitter feud turned into multiple, heavy accusations. Former Republican Party candidate for Congress for Maryland’s 7th Congressional District, Kimberly Klacik, is facing strong accusations about her past and possible fraud with campaign funds. The accusations are being leveled by none other than influential conservative personality and Daily Wire’s host, Candace Owens.

The struggle over the representativeness of black community support generated tensions between conservative commentator Candace Owens and Kimberly Klacik, who consolidated herself as a conservative influencer in social media despite her unsuccessful congressional bid. Finally, the tension manifested itself in a disagreement over President Biden’s recognition of Juneteenth as a national holiday.

Because of the disagreement, which escalated, Candace Owens claimed she had found out “incredible” information about Kimberly Klacik and would soon reveal it. This Tuesday, June 22, Candace Owens took the plunge: she revealed, after investigating, that Klacik allegedly has a foundation that functions as a front, was a stripper, used campaign money for personal expenses, and committed donation fraud.

Klacik, meanwhile, denied Owens’ allegations. Her lawyers, she explained, will act against Owens and The Daily Wire. The former candidate blocked Owens from her social media. She also disabled comments on her Instagram and Twitter posts.

The Gentlemen’s Gold Club and cocaine

Owens said that publicly available information about Klacik’s pro-women foundation Potential Me is inconsistent. On some websites, the foundation states that its purpose is to support women in their professional development. On others, it says it donates clothes to women but also claims it sells them and then helps women with the profits. The truth is that the foundation does not have a strong social media presence, nor does it have a website. There is also no information about the foundation’s staff and it did not file taxes when it should have. There is also not much information on Guidestar, one of the first central sources of information on U.S. nonprofits.

While researching Potential Me, Candace discovers that Kimberly Klacik allegedly worked as a stripper at a nightclub in Baltimore, Maryland; that her nickname was “September”; and that her ex-husband (they separated in October of last year) “was the manager of the strip club.” Upon digging, El American found that Klacik’s ex-husband, Jeff Klacik, is the manager of The Gentlemen’s Gold Club, an adult bar located on Pulaski Highway, 13 minutes from downtown Baltimore. In the online business directory of the Chamber of Commerce, Mr. Klacik is listed as the company’s contact person. Same on Finduslocal.com, where “Jeffrey” Klacik is listed as the owner.


On Twitter, an exchange between an anonymous user and the official account of The Gentlemen’s Gold Club draws attention. On May 29, 2020, the user @TruthBTold911 accuses the then-candidate’s husband of owning the club. From the bar’s official account, they respond, “Hi, this is not true. You’re welcome.” The anonymous account insists and the bar responds: “If we see false information we will try to correct it. We are not affiliated with any political party and would appreciate you keeping us out of false rumors. We have never met the person you reference.” At that, the anonymous account responds with a screenshot of the Chamber of Commerce page profiling Jeff Klacik as the club’s manager. Finally, The Gentlemen’s Gold Club Twitter account says, “Thank you. We will call to update the information. Appreciate the heads up. Looks like it was last updated almost ten years ago.” Even today the Chamber of Commerce page lists Mr. Klacik as the man in charge of the club.

In checking Kimberly Klacik’s personal Facebook account, one photograph stands out. In the image, posted on October 11, 2019, Mrs. Klacik is seen with her husband. The caption reads, “We’ve been together so long, neither of us knows how old we are.” In the background of both, some neon lights, a screen and a disco ball. It is, precisely, The Gentlemen’s Gold Club.

A quick internet search reveals other images of the couple at what is evidently the club managed by Jeff Klacik.

Klacik’s Facebook Photo.
The Gentlemen’s Gold Club

El American contacted the club but, upon inquiring about Kimberly and Jeff Klacik’s relationship, they hung up. Also, Candace Owens said in her report that she was able to speak with a stripper who allegedly confirmed to her that Kimberly Klacik had worked at the location. “She told me in writing that she knew her, that she had partied with her, that she had worked as a stripper with her.”

“Supposedly Kimberly and her husband met at the strip club and then got married,” Owens said. “The stripper assured me that they had both scammed people out of millions and, she said, and I should say this I have not confirmed, that they used campaign money to do cocaine.” Candace Owens said the stripper assured her that she has all the invoices and proof of the allegation.

In addition, El American searched for Kimberly Klacik under her birth name, Kimberly Nicole Bray, in the Maryland Judicial Case Research. The result yielded seven cases. Most of the cases found are traffic reprimands; but one catches the eye: Kimberly Klacik appears linked to the Nexus Gold Club, a now-closed but once popular and controversial Washington DC strip bar.

El American contacted Elizabeth Matory, a former GOP candidate who lost to Kimberly Klacik for the Congressional election nomination in Maryland’s 7th Congressional District. Matory, who at the time denounced Klacik’s ties to the adult entertainment industry in Maryland, told El American: “The issue was never that she was a stripper. The problem still is that they a), deny it; b), try to hide the business connections.”

Matory also has heavy accusations against Klacik. She told El American: “The sex industry is huge in Baltimore, as well as human trafficking. Kim would ‘lure’ young women through her social media (especially Instagram) to get involved in this life.”

“Kim’s back story was not only known by the Maryland Republican Party, she was backed by some of the top elected officials. As a conservative, I was (and still am) angry that some key men in the party supported Kim ‘because of her husband,'” Matory said.

El American tried multiple times to contact Klacik but there was no response.

“And this is when things start to get really crazy.”

Candace Owens was already aware of Kimberly Klacik’s alleged past as a stripper, suspicions about her foundation, and now added the stripper’s accusation that the candidate was misusing her campaign money. This prompted Owens to investigate Klacik’s campaign finances, income and expenditures. The record is public at the Federal Election Commission and her discovery was stunning.

As can be seen in candidate Kimberly Klacik’s financial statement, her campaign raised $8,299,807.84. In contrast, the campaign spent $7,502,416.95. What caught Owens’ attention was an invoice for a disbursement of $119,651.67. First, because the invoice is dated November 5, 2020, after the election was over; second, the description: a meet and greet. The hired company was Pearl Events.

When searching for Pearl Events in the registry of business entities on the Maryland governor’s website, the company appears as inactive because “the business entity does not comply with one or more Maryland laws that apply to businesses and their responsibilities in this State,” as the governor’s page reads. Complicating the case further is the fact that Dusky Holman, the attorney listed as the head of Pearl Events LLC, was suspended and cannot practice law.

The Maryland Court of Appeals, in March 2016, ordered the suspension of a list of attorneys for failure to pay an annual fee in the state. Among the 363 reprimanded was Dusky Donald Holman.

Owens continued digging and three other invoices caught her eye: one from Oct. 1 of last year, one from Oct. 2; and one from Nov. 2. All three, for 75 thousand, were for Fox and Lion Communications LLC. The description is CANVASSING.

The conservative influencer continued digging and came across a website that, according to her, looks like a clear facade. When entering the Fox and Lion’s site, generic, free “stock photo bank” images appear. Owens was struck by, “How is it that if this company makes so much money they have a website like this?” Owens checked the site and found that the company was serving Democratic candidates. Upon investigating, she found that the owner of the company is Andy Pierre, a Democratic Party activist and former executive director of the Legislative Black Caucus in Maryland, as corroborated by El American, who explicitly identifies himself with the purpose of “helping” Democrats win elections.

For Candace Owens, the latter is the most serious aspect of the information she found about Klacik. She says she is struck by how Republican donor money is being used to pay a firm owned by a Democrat who is also in the business of helping Democrats win elections.

Are the accusations true?

El American was able to corroborate that Kimberly Klacik’s ex-husband manages a strip club; that the Republican candidate’s campaign paid $119 thousand dollars to Pearl Events, a then-inactive company; and that this company is operated by a lawyer whose license was revoked. In addition, it was also able to corroborate the payments to Fox & Lion, that the CEO of the company is a Democrat; and that he helps Democratic candidates get into power.

To get Klacik’s side of the story, El American, as mentioned, tried to contact her. However, after multiple attempts, there was no response. The former candidate, instead, decided to address the allegations on her social media, after blocking Candace Owens and disabling comments on her posts.

The accusations are heavy. It’s not just about Kimberly Klacik’s alleged dancing past. Instead, Owens insists the Republican may have committed federal crimes. She’s talking about fraud and money laundering. The first thing Klacik did, following Owens’ video, was to release a statement, “The allegations are offensive, false and defamatory (…) our attorneys are reviewing legal options against Ms. Owens and The Daily Wire.”

A day later, Klacik posted an image in which she acknowledged that she had hired Democrats for her campaign. “This was a strategy for flipping votes,” reads part of the text she shared on her Instagram account.

Finally, Kimberly Klacik addressed some of the concerns in a video she posted on her YouTube channel. In the video, which begins with a short interview in which she only mentions a few points, she elaborates on the fact that she hired Fox and Lion. She insists that she did not commit any crime.

“You hire a Democrat who helps you approach voters. You had to sway Democrats. We hire Republicans and Democrats so we have all the information. That’s how this works,” Klacik says in the video.

“When you’re campaigning in a Democratic district, you need Democrats to help you. You have to strategize. If you don’t do that, you’re not going to win. And we’re running to win.”

Kimberly Klacik says there is no evidence she laundered money and claims no one is investigating her. “Candace Owens in 4 days did more due diligence than the Federal Election Commission did in several years,” she quips.

“I did not have access to campaign money. We precisely had a treasurer to prevent this from happening,” she insists. She also addresses the accusation that she used cocaine at the bar during her campaign.

“It’s crazy. If she [Candace] had done her job right, she would know that the clubs in Baltimore were shut down during the pandemic.”

However, there are three points Kimberly Klacik doesn’t mention: neither does she talk about her foundation; Pearl Events, a company she allegedly paid $119,000 to for a meet and greet and whose owner is an unlicensed attorney; nor about allegations that her ex-husband owns a strip bar and that she herself was an exotic dancer. Klacik says only that she is sorry to see the work of an exotic dancer denigrated. “It is not illegal.”

To get some response to Klacik’s statements and to get her side of the story, El American tried to contact Candace Owens. There was also no response.


“Democrats think black people are stupid. They think they can control us forever. That we won’t demand, and we’ll keep voting for them. Are they right?” asks Kimberly Klacik. It’s her campaign video, from August 17, 2020. The 2-minute-and-fifty-second clip launched her to stardom within the Conservative Party.

Today, Klacik faces her most sensitive moment since taking on political life. Candace Owens is, without a doubt, the most important black voice of the Republican Party and conservatism in the United States. Her denunciations, whether or not they transpired, were a lethal missile against Klacik, who still has neither the influence nor the traction of The Daily Wire commentator. Nevertheless, Kimberly Klacik is optimistic.

“I’m going back to work. I want to flip Congress in 2022. And this is not about me. This is about the Republican Party flipping Congress,” Klacik said in her response to Owens.

Orlando Avendaño is the co-editor-in-chief of El American. He is a Venezuelan journalist and has studies in the History of Venezuela. He is the author of the book Days of submission // Orlando Avendaño es el co-editor en Jefe de El American. Es periodista venezolano y cuenta con estudios en Historia de Venezuela. Es autor del libro Días de sumisión.

22 thoughts on “Fraud, Money Laundering and Exotic Dancing: Are the Claims Against Kimberly Klacik True?”

  1. Orlando, you didn’t homework enough look at this. It was error due to company shutdown from COVID. but is good now look:

    Department ID Number:W15357981
    Business Name:PEARL EVENTS, LLC
    Principal Office:22 W PADONIA RD
    TIMONIUM MD 21093
    Resident Agent:BRIAN MCCOMAS
    TIMONIUM MD 21093
    Business Type:DOMESTIC LLC
    Business Code:20
    Date of Formation/ Registration:07/19/2013
    State of Formation:MD

  2. I like Candace Owens but after reading this article it feels more like Candace Owens is a little extra angry at Klacik than she needs to be. She points out that Klacik was a stripper in her past. How many of us have done things in our past that we regret? The article sites people who witnessed Klacik doing cocaine but in the same sentence says these people also don’t like Klacik and have zero evidence of Klacik doing cocaine. The article points out that she hired a democrat to help her campaign. So what?! As a conservative I can admit the best artists and most creative people are probably Democrats. It seems like the people she hired for her campaign did a really great job. Klacik became famous basically over night. Someone did a good job there. The biggest issue is the possibility of illegal campaign contributions. Klacik is a Republican, running in a district that is almost all Democrat. Don’t you think if she really did do something illegal she would be in jail by now? A lot of conservatives have gone to jail for much less. Come on Candace keep being the strong conservative voice you have been. Don’t get caught up in these little over dramatic non important issues. Shame on you Daily Wire for posting such a slandering article with very little evidence and accusations that are so petty except for the possible illegal campaign contributions. You should wait until charges are filed. This article makes you little more than a tabloid magazine.

    1. You act as though lack of prosecution over campaign issues of a Republican in a completely Democratic run district is akin to innocence. But in a notoriously corrupt Democratic District, where the Republican lost in a landslide, it is usually akin to leaving a sludge pot unstirred, especially when powerful Dem Ops had their fingers in the stew.

    2. I had the same thoughts, wondering why Owens was so furiously going after this. But if you are a conservative person who sent money to Klacik, this info is a game changer. This whole thing is suspect. I know people change. I know forgiveness is important. But if that’s the case why not be honest about your past? It’s a lie otherwise. If they will lie about this, what else? It’s looking like a conservative grift to me at this point. What a shame.

    3. Charged by who exactly? While I agree that Candice was a bit too concerned with her past, the more important point is… If Candice had not done the investigation then we would never have known and no one would even consider charges. Someone has to open the box and peek inside. Charges are only brought by a prosecutor if they are pushed by a private citizen or they are looking for something big to bolster their career. They are typically just too busy with the work brought to them by the police.

    4. perhaps you didn’t read the part where it outlines possible law breaking and deception on KK’s part? Did you forget that part? So clearly this is not just a case of sour grapes.

  3. Democrats do not work for Republican candidates. Period. Sounds like just another democrat in rhino clothing. No conservative I know would vote for that.

  4. This is petty divisive nonsense!!! All tihs claims is she has a past just like candace owens has a past of doxxing republicans. So now what??? Stop this BS!!! Its two conservative black women who dont like each other except OWENs had to blast it on video for likes , like she does with anyone who doesnt agree her. Petty petty petty!!!!

  5. AcrossTheFruitedPlain0384

    None of this would be happening if Klacik would have shut up. But because she can’t get hide her jealousy over Owens platform and following, she started the attacks. She wants to be famous, Baltimore will never elect her no matter how many times she runs. She is a nobody wanting to be somebody and then gets upset that somebody is calling her out on her bs after she started a fight she couldn’t finish.

  6. Just a reminder neither one of the represent the black community. Validating stereotypes against us, never going into these communities are not representation. Matter of fact when your criticism of the black community outweigh any contribution you have made to the black community you are part of the problem

  7. According to the Maryland companies database there is also a company named Pearl Events in Waldorf, that apparently rents out rooms for events like meetings, bridal showers and banquets. I know it’s unlikely but any proof which of the two Pearl Events Klacik paid?

  8. Kimberly September Fraud

    Kimberly Klacik is allegedly a total FRAUD! If she had nothing to hide, she would unblock Candace and address the allegations. Innocent people don’t run and hide. She saw an opportunity to grab money and jumped on it. She is a deceiver. Candace Owens gave Kimberly more than enough chances to come clean, but, she did not.

    Now, she is posting pictures on her twitter of her daughter and wishing her father Happy Birthday in heaven. Hmmm….! The same day Candace Owens is trending about YOUR FRAUD is the same day that happens to be your deceased father birthday in which u posted a picture of him holding your daughter. Yea, RIGHT! I don’t believe anything u say at this point.

    This is what a SCAM ARTIST would do to WIN sympathy and trust. I prayed that God would expose her after going over the allegations. I supported Kimberly and was rooting for her. I don’t care about her past. The point is, she LIED to us. She could have come clean and said hey, I was a stripper. I did drugs. And, now, I’m a new woman. She did not do that.

    She speaks on conservative values. She needs to be open about her past lifestyle and say that she LURED innocent girls into the stripping business. Again, I don’t care about her past if she wasn’t running for office and on a brand of CONSERVATIVE VALUES.

    Candace Owens has revealed alleged SHADY, SHADY, SHADY financial dealings that Kimberly Klacik is involved in. And, these need to be addressed, but, she refuse to address them to Candace. What are you hiding, Kimberly? U picked a fight with Candace Owens, GODs’ ANNOINTED and got your ass handed to u.

    8.2 million was raised for your campaign and I totally supported u, Kimberly Klacik. 100% supported u.
    I have seen your stripper photos with your tits hanging out and u holding single dollar bills. You
    have SHADY, SHADY, SHADY financial dealings from the investigation Candace Owens lead me to.

    I believe, U are a TOTAL FRAUD. May God expose u and humble u for allegedly robbing and cheating the people who
    totally supported u and believed in u.

    After my research, I believe this….U ran a campaign knowing u would lose. But, u did not care. Your goal was to pocket as much money as possible to fund your lifestyle.

    Your stripper pal claims that u have been using campaign dollars to do cocaine. How about ADDRESSING THAT?
    Instead of BLOCKING Candace Owens and threatening to sue journalists asking questions about your financial dealings of the 8.2 million u raised from all of us?

    FRAUD. FRAUD. FRAUD. Dear God – Expose this individual.


  9. What a total waste of time. People can be strippers. Big deal. I’ve known many strippers whom I’d trust far more than some people. On the fraud, unless proven in a court of law it is just public blather.

    As we go into the future are we going to make ridiculous morale attacks on all things? If so, prepare for everyone’s sexual interests on and offline to be public fodder. People who strip WHEN THEY ARE YOUNGER move beyond this as they get older, and often have gained a whip smart education in reading people, social situations and business. What a waste of time, and a ridiculous feud that will only distract. If Owens seeks to distract, or personally curate the Party per Daily Wire, Turning Point, or Blexit terms be watchful.

  10. I personally don’t care if Kimberly Klacik once worked in a strip club, I can make an allowance for such things because we are all human. The issue is more of openness and honesty as well the need for those in the conservative movement to acknowledge some things are contrary to conservatism.

    On a related note, Turning Point USA ran into the issue of being too accepting with decidedly non-conservative agendas. A big tent is great but if it has no cover or walls – it is not a tent anymore.

    We have to maintain some integrity – or we don’t stand for anything. Klacik may have a checkered past – and that’s fine but if she is being dishonest or committing fraud – well that’s something else entirely.

  11. I’ve met Kim a couple times & like her – Of course hard to tell from that. It’s easy to unknowingly do business w/a company not in good standing – At least in MD it is. Many probably have and you’d never know it. That’s on the company not the customer & not illegal from the customer’s perspective. Unless something goes wrong, one would probably never know or even think to check. The strategic explanation for dealing w/a Dem run company makes perfect sense. It’s a VERY large % Dem district. Is there more to it? Idk. So her ex-husband owns/manages a strip club. BFD. I knew a very upstanding guy who owned several. It’s a legal business. So what if she was a stripper? She’s pretty hot tbh & it’s not illegal. I’d have paid to see her:). The charge of buying cocaine w/campaign funds seems the most serious and also the hardest to prove. We seemingly have the word of another stripper which is heresay. Who’s to say that stripper isn’t a hard-core Dem &/or has something totally unrelated against Kim &/or her ex-husband. That’s a nasty business filled w/catfights, jealousy, drugs, prostitution, club managers banging the girls, etc., etc. Is Kim & her ex-husband do/did immoral? Maybe. Most of have done stuff we’d rather, as Conservatives, people not know about.

    I like Candice too. A lot. I don’t like that she’s done this. It seems petty. She’s a superstar. There’s room for both ladies and we need to bring on board as many Blacks as we can to the Conservative movement. It’s one of, if not the key to saving the Country IMHO.

  12. I agree 100% w/Klacik’s message and sent her a donation and would do so again despite her past. Polls show half of all American adults have done illegal drugs, so what? Klacik was trying to pull black Dems away from the Democrat Party, which is what Owens is doing too. I salute both of them and wish they’d end this cat fight.

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