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‘F*ck You’: California School Board Member Caught Insulting a Mother

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The Los Alamitos Unified School District in Southern California is in the middle of a controversy after the board president insulted a mother who had just given a speech to the school board with a “Fuck You.”

Lauren Roupoli, a parent of one of the district’s students, spoke out against the mandatory facemask mandates that are affecting some 6.7 million students. Roupoli, who described herself as a “concerned parent,” criticized the school board and parents who want to force children to wear masks in schools and said they (the concerned parents) are speaking out against school boards because they are “vocal because we are our children’s biggest advocates.”

Just before he finished her speech, the audience applauded Roupoli’s remarks, at which point, Marlys Davidson, the president of the Board of Trustees, said, “Thank you. Thank you,” Davidson says during the applause. “Margaret’s next. Thank you. You’re time is up.” A few seconds passed and, amidst applause, the microphone picked up Davidson’s “Fuck You” against Roupoli.

From minute 1:43:02 Roupoli’s speech can be seen, Davidson’s insult comes at 1:46:12. (YouTube).

Initially, the insult was not heard in the auditorium, but it was clearly heard on the school board’s live broadcast, causing outrage among viewers.

“I could not believe it. I was flabbergasted,” Roupoli told the New York Post, upon hearing what Davidson said against her. “To think that it took a hot mic to catch her real feelings just shows her true colors, and I think the only acceptable apology would be for her resigning.”

According to the New York tabloid, Ripouli commented that many people are joining her call for resignation against Davidson. “These people are supposed to be listening to our concerns and that’s their job as a board, especially as a president of the board,” she told the media outlet.

Davidson, after the backlash her insult generated, apologized to Roupoli and pledged to continue working for the Los Alamitos community, according to local media outlet KLTA.

The board president said that “when members of the public address the Board of Education, they must be heard with respect” and that she reaffirmed her “commitment to serve our community with dignity and integrity, and I hope they will accept my sincere apology.”

A habit of misbehavior

Following the apology, Fox News reported that, according to a video circulating, Davidson may have again shown derogatory treatment toward another mother during another school board meeting caught again on an open microphone.

The board chairwoman apparently said “Oh God, here we go” just as she introduced two speakers, including Claire Chu, a mother who began to criticize Critical Race Theory teachings.

Fox also said that “It wasn’t clear which speaker Davidson was referencing or that it was Davidson talking since all of the board members were wearing masks during the meeting,” but the similarity in voice and recent background are not playing in favor of Davidson, who is being heavily criticized on social media and has gained national press attention.

“Fuck You”: miembro de la junta escolar de California es sorprendida insultando a una madre
Media outlets across the country cover the California school board member’s insult against a “concerned mother” for her children. (Screenshot)

The mother, Claire, said she was happy to see all parents have the opportunity to speak out and bring their complaints to the board. She pointedly voiced discontent against Critical Race Theory because it only teaches to “hate each other because of their race, because of their skin color and make them identify different from others.”

“We are all Americans,” Claire said as she was applauded by the audience. “We are all one nation, one race. Don’t let them divide by the CRT.”

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