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Gasoline Prices Continue Rising Under Biden Presidency

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Gasoline prices could rise in the coming weeks to $2.90 per gallon, according to the American Automobile Association (AAA).

Factors such as declining refinery utilization, a recent increase in crude oil prices and an increase in gas demand contribute to the recent increase in gasoline.

“With crude oil prices again on the rise, we could see the national average rise to $2.90 this spring with some relief in early summer,” AAA spokeswoman Jeanette McGee said in a statement.

She added: “The last time we saw the national average flirt with $3 was nearly three years ago in May 2018. At that time, crude averaged around $71 per barrel.”

The current national average of $2.77, according to the association, is nearly 40 cents more expensive than it was a year ago, which was just before the state shutdowns and work/from-home school began.

According to AAA statistics last week in 10 states there was an increase between 21 cents and 9 cents: Utah (+21 cents), Wyoming (+15 cents), Idaho (+13 cents), New Mexico (+12 cents), Florida (+10 cents), Oklahoma (+10 cents), Montana (+10 cents), Colorado (+9 cents), Alaska (+9 cents) and Arkansas (+9 cents).

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